Minolta 600mm f4 lens 2016 update

Yes I still own the 600mm lens and use it from time to time. I have a love hate relationship with this lens.

First the negatives about this lense : The lens is heavy, no actually the lens is very heavy, it is bulky, needs a dedicated backpack and the head is bulky too.

Manfrotto 393 Heavy Telephoto Lens Support for Monopod Replaces 3421 (Electronics)

List Price: $174.87 USD
New From: $174.86 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

I use it with a gitzo Monopod

Gitzo GM2541 Series 2 6X Carbon Fiber Monopod 4 Section with G-Lock – Replaces GM2540 (Black) (Electronics)

List Price: $279.88 USD
New From: $279.88 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

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Cortège de l’escalade

I was out to take pictures with my Medium-Format Film camera, I had forgotten that it was escalade time here in Geneva. The only time people in Geneva can dress up, An old rule dating back to the Reformist time of Calvin who was not the most fun loving guy. This day was the exception to celebrate the victory over the neighbours who tried to invade Geneva back in 1602. College kids go through town to loud music. It was a fun experience, interesting things that are possible with a camera and a smile.


Une journée prévu pour-faire de la photo argentique avec ma caméra argentique. J’avais mon appareil numérique juste pour le cas ou et de faire quelques longues expositions. J’avais oublié que c’était la période de l’escalade le seul moment ou les genevois peuvent se déguiser, un peu reste de la rigidité Calviniste. Le cortège des collégiens est défilé bruyant, coloré mais très sympa. Toujours intéressant ce que on peut obtenir avec un sourie et une caméra.


Sony A99 +Vingate Minolta 35-200 electric zoom