My Camerea Strap / Harness

I have been taking photography seriously for 2 years and my biggest frustration was to find a system to carry 2 body’s and a little more gear. with style and no pain.

If you are a Leica users, four-tirhds, bridge or any light DSLR this solution is probably not what you are looking for. If  you carry around 2 Pro DSLR with some serious lenses, maybe a 3rd lens, a speed ight and you want to be mobile and feel no strain around your neck then you might be interested by this.

I started by looking at all the commercial solutions available and none felt comfortable. I should add that I like to carry my camera around but be able to stick it on a tripod without major work. I found one that worked well enough but with many drawbacks.

After evaluating all known options and trying out most of them there was only 1 option left, design my own, It did take 6 month of drawing, thinking, tweaking until I had my perfect solution. We have a local store specialized in climbing and expedition gear. People are willing to trust their lives on his creations which meant it would be good enough for an expensive DSRL. They are however very busy and it did take 6 month for them to create my harness as the unique prototype. I can only say I love it. Shooting Ice hockey games and running around with the whole gear even up and down the stairs is great. After 2 hours I am dog tired but have no pain anywhere from taking along the gear.

Back view with all my gear attached

The handle on top is great if somebody has to drag me out of the way or to suspend the whole gear on a hook

Front view with additional pockets

In this picture with Lowepro Lens exchanger and ThinkTank Lightning Fast (has been replaced by Strobe Stuff dthe belt will work with any system pockets as long as the sastening flap is less than 13cm wide in my case everyting I own except the Speed Cahnger from ThinkTANK

Important Details

This are the things which make the difference between good and great gear.

Belt Straps

When this is attached around your belt it will keep the pants in place if you bend down, never exposing your rear end and it will also send some weight to you belt

Different position anchors


We are all different and may also have different requirements. There are many different options where the camera Straps can be attached. I have tried with 5cameras but more would be possible if you are HULK and willing to carry around that much gear

Front Buckles

Carry the camerea high low either is possible here. The connecting strap is critical to keep the harness in the right place and balance the weigh.


There are a few options which can be added to this:

Lose belt strap (if you have enclosed pouches which only fit on a belt they can be added on top of the existing solution.

Back label Velcro or clear pouch. To display you credentials or clearly mark you as photographer or press


I have had a number of requests from other photographers to get the same harness. I am currently looking at a sourcing partner who can supply them in quantity and quality which I feel comfortable with. If you are interested please contact me and I will put you on the interested list. At this point pricing is not defined

A Short update the first 2 pictures of the prototype which should make it into production if I am happy with it. It is narrower and therefore easier to pack, cheaper to ship. It should also reduce sweating.

Camera_Carrier_Klaus_Binder_1 Camera_Carrier_Klaus_Binder_2

The other new details is on the belt on every side there is a new loop which allows to attach a strap for pouches that have closed loops. It will be tested in the Field April 13.

Once the test is positive I will announce the price and take the pre-orders for the initial batch

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