A99 High Iso Review

There have been many discussions about Sony being not good at high ISO.

Historically this was probably true. My A850 was not great above ISO 800. This was the reason I bought the A77 to shoot weddings and decided to buy the A99 when I was offered a chance to shoot Ice hockey.

To gets things straight from the start. I love low ISO. I will try everything I can to shoot at low ISO. But there are times when high ISO is the only solution. I am no longer sweating the idea to shoot at high ISO as long as it creates an amazing Image.

At last nights game I took some time to take some high Iso pictures to show the samples here. The pictures are imported with Capture One Pro. the first version is out of camera. the others are with basic edits (exposure, brightness, …)I have stored them in a resolution 2048(mpix/down from 24) on the long edge if you want to look at details of the pictures.

ISO 2500 f2.8 1/250s 70mm(Carl Zeiss 24-70) Picture (unedited out of camera 2nd picture with edits in Capture One)


ISO 12800 f4.5 1/250s 70mm

ISO 25600 f5.6 1/250s 70mm

Make up your own mind about how bad the ISO really is. These pictures where not planned or in any way arranged for the test. I did take a few minutes in my assignment to increase the ISO and shoot like I would usually do. The subject, composition, lighting may not what you would do/plan. They reflect however my real life constraints that I have to live with.

Beyond ISO the A99 offers a great IQ, enough resolution for some cropping. The af-d mode is also truly amazing if you have a lens which supports it. My take don’t underestimate this camera and don’t let things like SLT, EVF or the Sony brand into the way. This camera definitely deserves a look.






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