It is all about the prints

I have to plea guilty here most of my pictures never make it beyond my screen. If the pictures are lucky and really good they make it to my Blog or my Google + account.

For our holiday pictures they do make it into a printed photo book and the comments are always positive and it is a nice way to look at pictures.

Some of my hockey pictures get published in the Club magazine.

Printing is not part of my standard process, work-flow . Every now and then I get requests to print pictures and about once a year I print some of my off line portfolio. Last week I decided that I had to print some of the pictures I got requests for and I added some of the pictures I really liked. After selecting and getting them printed I have started to distribute to the people on the pictures or relatives.

I can only say that I was blown away by how the pictures look as prints and even more from the reaction I did get from the people. Delivering the physical image to people as a very dramatic effect. It does create some kind of connection and feedback I never get from digital images. There have been a few requests for enlargements or posters of my pictures.

Some did turn out pretty bad. Not because they are bad pictures but due to color issues because of the lighting or other things which are very forgiving on a screen. I will definitely be a lot more careful about how I process my images.

A small sample scattered on the floor to give you an idea


(sorry about the lighting it was a quick snapshot to illustrate this post)

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