Playoff Drama GSHC – SCB 3-4 (series 3-3)

What a night. There where all kind of emotions after leading the series 3-1. Bern had come closer to 3-2. Bern scored the first goal but Geneva reacted very fast and scored to. Eventually the Game was 3-1 and all hopes where there for a close of the series. Well Bern did not side with that story. The game ended with 3-3. The over time period did not change the outcome.
The shoot out was won by Bern scoring a single goal out of the 5 players.

The Geneva team played well and was in charge for most of the game. Not enough to win this one. There is 1 more game which will decide of the final outcome of the series. Lets hope the best for Geneva.

Pictures from the Game

Photo wise it was another night without my harness (I was ready to pay 400$ right there on the spot to get my new harness (good news, next week I should know the price and get it back soon after that. On the negative I did forget my flash but was lucky another photographer could loan me his Canon speed lite (it works on camera with the Sony but in full manual mode). Definitely won’t forget my flash again (it was in my other bag) or maybe reasons to get the new Sony flag ship flash. I prefer the Sony it seems to have a broader beam and more consistent coverage.

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