GSHC – München Red Bull (5-0)

First pre-season hockey game in the home arena. As somebody born close to Munich there was no way for me to miss this game.

Munich had only a very small following of fans. But they did make up for the lack of number. They where as loud or louder than all the Geneva fans combined. It was friendly with all the fans in the same section. The Munich fans did sing, shout and drum with enthusiasm for the whole game. Even when Munich was seriously loosing the game.

The final score 5-0 seems harsh and give the game it was deserved, the Munich player did not let down and battled until the last second.

This was also the last test before the fan photo site goes live next Wednesday check out more pictures here  at

Being the only photographer it was quiet a workout 10x all the way up and down the stadium. and at least 20 runs around the ice. Did I mention that I also took a few pictures 😀


2 Sony A99, 70-200, 24-70

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