Printing pictures as a photographer is the ultimate experience. Our American Friends have a large selection of labs and plenty of reviews . In continental Europe the choice seems to be limited. I recently had to order a larger amount of prints and decided to try 3 different on-line labs : Snapfish, Whitewall and Printart.

This review is my personal opinion I don’t get any referral fee from any of these labs. I tried to organize this review by different topics.


Snapfish: Simple functional relatively easy to navigate, be careful by default the website tries to upload low res-files make sure you upload the whole file. It is easy to login. It is actually possible to login for different countries if you want to send prints direct to an aunt or other relatives. The price list is a little long with many options

Whitewall: First you need to know that you have to go to the bottom of the page to change your country if you are not from Germany or you will get a German account. The website does show plenty of print options, formats, frames. Prices are very easy to see once the right type of support, print, … is selected

Printart : The website is only available in German. It is also the only Lab based in Switzerland. The best feature is : Upload your picture and check online the different media, formats, … very pleasant easy to see what options cost per print

Winner Printart

Order Process

All 3 sites have similar order processes.

Snapfish has the easiest but also the most limited selection of prints it is easy to get different types from the same pcitures. For regualr prints it is the most convenient

Whitewhall: The selection of the type of paper and finish can seem over whelming. White wall has a great option. The Sample prints (I did order that with my first order it will be great to use for future order or to show the options to the client. They also offer an option to download the color profiles for the different medium

Printart: The selection and order process is very simple and using that online option makes it look like a game. For me the most pleasant

Winners (There was no clear winner I had to split it by type)

Ease of use : Printart
Most detailed professional oriented: Whitewall


Snapfish: The cheapest of all 3 of them. The other great thing for not urgent work, Snapfish is very generous with discount e-mails which offer 10-50% on certain type of prints. I usually use that for my personal photo books when I am not in a hurry.

Whitewall: Prices are reasonable the different pricing options, types of papers can make it a little confusing. More expensive than Snapfish

Printart: The most expensive but only slightly more expensive than Whitewall. The way the order process is laid out does make it seem easier to find the right final product

Winner: None you get what you pay for


Snapfish: Clearly the fastest to deliver all my orders. The most annoying to since there are shipping fees for every format (1 canva, 1 poster and 5 regular prints would be 3x shipping)

Whitewall : Great packaging does look very carefully packed and gallery like. It was also the slowest by far of all 3 shipments. Shipping form Germany did cost a little but no hassle with customs (which is a good thing)

Printart: Delivered faster than expected packaging was also very carefully packed. Free shipping was included in my order.


Snapfish : Nothing to complain about for the price paid. Their canvas and prints have been hanging in our house for years and people appreciate them.

Whitewall: The poster has great colors better than snapfish but not related to the increase in price, marginally better. The metal prints are nice and the hangers really bid and seem solid

Printart: The poster finish I was just blown away by the quality of it. The metal prints definitely to notch. I had one print for a client and for me a 160×40 Manhattan skyline at night. It looks just amazing. the hangers seem a bit weak. I ended up attaching magnets to the wall and metal plates to the print (that way I had some margin in case it was not totally straight (which it was after careful placing.

Winner: This is a close one Snapfish is great for the price, Whitewall is really nice. Printart to me is definitely a notch better.Having not ordered the same prints it is hard to compare.

Overall Winner: Printart

For me Printart is slightly ahead of Whitewall in terms of quality of the prints.The Printart website needs work for better order management (and that is underway) personally I can live with german only English would be a definite plus. It was slightly more expensive but faster delivery and so much fun to place the orders

The Printart gallery to sell prints is great. very easy to setup and set the prices for the prints

Whitewall has the largest selection of prints and specialities

Snapfish will still be my source for regular 13×18 prints or quick poster A4,A3 or 40×60 they also have the smallest format of photo-books (just be careful to have only white or black page backgrounds or they will look messy (I have experienced this first hand and it can’t be fixed)

 The final stage

Prints up against the Wall

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