Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Things are crazy busy and I tend to post short updates on Google plus. On my Blog I try to provide more detailed  content .

I was for work in Madrid and managed to find some time to go out shooting. It is not always easy to find the time and make it work. I do my best to actually make it work. This time due to schedules I had to fly in early to Madrid, hold a conference call with a client and then I was free.

Using Google Plus and Stuck on earth I had a pretty good idea on where I wanted to shoot and ad what time (if it worked out). It turned out perfect after the call I did take the metro to go to Temple of Debod for the sunset

My long exposure pictures, Sony SLT-A99 with 24-70Zeiss or 16-35 Minolta , Lee graded filter for the sky and BigStopper, Velo Shutter Boss Remote

Long exposure pictures require quiet a bit of post processing. For this reason you see multiple copies of my prefered one. Give then 16 minutes exposure there where a few out of line pixels mainly red. Capture one does many tings well but here it did reach the limits. Using digikam and the included edit tools I was able to reduce the noise. For the final version I will probably start all over again and check if I use Capture one or Darktable and then finalize the work on the tiff file with GIMP.

I am not disciplined enough to patiently wait around. While watching the big camera I did other shots with our Sony HX-100, I really like this bridge camera. Yes the quality could be a little better but the result is generally pretty good.

After this I walked to the Palace and parts of Madrid my walk ended in Parque del Retiro with a few more Long exposure attempts of the basin there


I was not sure I would get more chances to shoot pictures. When I did head out for dinner Wednesday night I did take the Sony HX-100 along just in case.

And there where just a few chances. A country/city that has a ham museum is really serious about its food.

There was a nice moon shot once i auto-mode and then manual (yes there are still cases where the camera is not smart enough.

The structure of the Christmas Tree on the Del Sol place with the moon as top light was to much fun to not take (even if the result is so so)  I did get many strange stares as I slowly walked around to find the perfect spot

The next days my meetings where not confirmed so I had part of  the day to take pictures. After trying to go to Segovia, which failed because of a lack of space in the train. And missing my train to Toledo because of a Printer problem of the ticket machine and then being after the cut off time.

I did take time in Madrid between calls and e-mails to take pictures. Long exposure at day time are really fun. I was too lazy to take out my remote and did stick to a maximum of 30’s for the long exposures.

It was refreshing to photograph something different from hockey or football.

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