I have now owned the Sony  Rx100M2 for 2 weeks, it is time to write my first impressions.
To get a few things out of the way. I love my Sony A99 with battery grip.
The camera could be lighter without, to me it does not feel as well balanced. The weight is not a problem when i take a walk my typical gear will be the cameras and the Zeiss 24-70, the Minolta 17-35 and usually one or two more lenses from this selection:
sony 70-200,
sony 70-400
lensbsby composer
Minolta 35-200

The backpack will also include:
Lee filter Kit (Big stopper, 2 soft and 3 hard graded filters and mounting kit
remote control
Gitzo tripod

Definitely not lightweight, this does not bother me since it means a better workout while shooting.
Why get a new camera? We also own the sony hx-100 and cellphones. The hx-100 is an amazing camera given its size and zoom and price, the pictures are pretty good, there are however limitations on what can be done in post-processing, large prints also show limitations.
My Blackberry camera is terribly.
I wanted something really portable. The reviews about the rx100m2 Are very positive.

Personally I still have a love/hate relationship with this camera.
I hate and love that the camera is so small.
I hate the ergonomics. I need to elaborate on this. The last 3 years I have only owned pro like gear with direct buttons for key functions. The Rx100 does take some getting used to. It is closer to the experience of a pro-sumer Nikon,Canon or Sony.
The focusing works in mysterious ways that I still don’t get. Manual focus may be possible, still not clear where that is.

This sounds like a pretty bad camera, well there are also many things to love about the rx100.
The most important one: file details this is just  stunning, there is plenty of pixel for processing.
The size is great very small, but heavy for the size.
Build quality, it does feel solid, the camera did I survive 1 hour in the drizzle with no problem.
Other great features are the WiFi, send to my nexus 7 tablet process with snapseed and share. Controlling the camera remotely seems interesting too.

The automatic modes do a pretty good job, coming from a big DSLR, I want more control and tried to use it in manual mode to. Focus with the front ring, yes it could be faster when turned. Chainging shutter speed is done on the back dial, this one is too sensitive and I end up in the flask or shutter selection mode. I did not figure out how to get manual focus in that mode. ISO can only be set from the fn key menu which takes some getting used to as well.
The really cool feature would be a front button like on the A99 to simply cycle through Apperture, Shutter, Focus, Iso and customizable.

The build in Flash does a pretty good job, even if not used a lot. It also works with the big DSLR flash or wireless triggers. With the flash the camera looks very strange with the wireless trigger I did not find a way to turn of the preview mode like on the A99 everything was black making focusing a challenge. Probably not a studio camera by any mean.

For all my testing I did travel very light which means camera only, no tripod, pod, … The aim was really to replace my cellphone as a go to camera

The camera with all my other Sony cameras to compare the size and mounted with flash and flashbender

Pictures processed with Snapseed without the PC. very convenient on the go even if the wifi process could be improved a little. All these are snap as you go along pictures some of them through shop windows. I feel a lot more comfortable pointing the tiny RX100 instead of the big DSLR

Pictures taken while in a car or train (obviously I was not the one driving). All in automode through dirty windows and moving

Where the camera shines is taking pictures in Stores, of people in the metro, … All things I was not comfortable doing with my A99

Shooting in restaurants has always been a challenge for me. The RX100 makes it easy and less obvious than the DSLR the tilting screen is really helping here

Street photography, the camera does take some time to start up if I really wanted the shot below it would have been possible with a little walking. I wanted the lady in the background with the bronze skirt. I started the camera when she passed next to me. It was at least possible to crop.

The biggest use is probably landscape, longer exposures, … I tried all the following hand held or putting the camera on a solid support with 2s release and using the tilt screen as stabilizer. it works but a mini tripod is definitely required to do these things more seriously

Conclusion as much as I might be complaining about the controls, the small size that make it hard to hold and stabilize. Once I look at the images I can only marvel at how good they are and the flexibility I get in post processing. It is definitely an improvement over the HX-100. it is however not up to what the A99 can do. Mainly in highlight and shadow recovery the A99 is still worlds better.

The RX100 is now always in my pocket where ever I go. I am very pleased with the purchase. It is definitely a great Point and Shoot. We all expect it to be a DSLR replacement, it is not that good bud definitely good enough and easy to carry

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