I have not been taking pictures for 10 day’s now. I really wanted to shoot something. Then last night I saw this dramatic sky from our balcony.

I grabbed the HX-100 and did a first shot in auto-mode

Then one in manual, which I wanted more dramatic. (I am only half happy with how this one turned out)

The pictures where interesting enough to go get the real camera the Sony A99 and tripod and experiment a few different things

MY favorite is this one, nothing very special, ISO 640 35mm f5.6 and 1/4s

Two more shots to try to capture the sky, not bad either

I had to try a 30 second exposure to see how it would look. On that picture I did 3 versions: 1 natural (the closest to what ti really looked like, 1 with a slightly shifted color(my favorite) and finally a black and white conversion

If the foreground had been interesting the sky would have been perfect for some really long exposure using the Lee Filters. The 2 first pictures are taken with a Sony HX-100 (a bridge camera) the remaining Pictures with a Sony SLT-A99 with the Zeiss 24-70 on a Gitzo tripod.

All pictures are imported with Digikam under Linux, the processing has been done with Capture One Pro. mainly minor adjustments in exposure, constant, shadows, highlights. On the image 4855 (one of the alternate shots) I added a layer to darken the lower left corner to “hide” the  parked cars.

Gear is not everything, there is however clearly a difference between the 300$ bridge camera and a 2000$+ full frame camera. I could not test the Sony RX-100 it was out for a test. Bottom line make the best with the camera you have and don’t be contempt with auto-mode

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