.On my trip to New York I had to stop over toB&H get a new Tripod for my Sony RX100M2. My current Gitzo is great however just way too large for such a small camera. We all know that tripods are not cheap. Well I was wrong I had an amazing sale associate who showed me a few. The selection did not include any Gorilla pod and once compare to the suggested tripods/ table pods. I did settle for the Oben TT-50 it is really tiny and will fit into a shirt or jean back pocket, just remember before you sit down, it is really sturdy.
It has a Small ball head and twist in all locations. It will actually hold my A99 with the 24-70 if set pretty straight. With the RX 100 it works great it looks like a giant Popsicle.

My first test was at the Top of the Rock. Usual advice “NO TRIPODS WITH SPREAD LEGS USE IT AS A MONOPOD” to make a story short the pictures with my A99 where CRAP. Time to draw the RX100 and the Oben. I put the Oben against the Glas adjusted the ball head adjusted my manual exposure hit the shutter with a 2s timer and press as hard a possible against the glass the result much better pictures.
It is so light and easy to carry that it always comes along with the RX100.
There is however 1 draw back. It is so small than any exposure close to an ocean swell is a traumatic exercise. There are 700+$ of Camera on a 25$ tripod only 2-3 inches above Salt water which does not mix too well with electronic gear. The results are however very good and give the low angle I can afford a few inches above the water to be at a safe distance from any potential disaster.

I have only 2 more requests:
Sony please update the firmware and allow easy bulb mode from the app, with some sort of hold feature and if by the way you could get the cool feature from Olympus where we see the images as it is being exposed that would be even better.
Lee Filters, please make us a very compact filter system from the RX100 easy to stick over rubber cap with filters. A super compact filter system with 1,2,3,10 stop ND, Soft and hard edge filters and maybe 1-2 warming filters, all this in a small package. The filters should be 5x5cm, no need for glass, polyester is good enough.

Another important piece of gear I have been using for a few month. It is not photo related. It has to do with keep my feet, warm, dry and comfortable. I had asked last year what pair of boots I should buy and the overwhelming sentiment was to get Hunter Boots.
I had never heard of them. Now it seems I see them everywhere. If you order them make sure you get the highest possible ones, also make sure you order the fleece socks from Hunter. The weather may be warm, however the water is usually a lot colder.
My very first test was a rainy day in Rome. I had never worn them before and walked all day around 12hours in them. They are like slippers really comfortable. The most amazing thing is that they never seem to slip. As soon as they start slipping it is like some added grip is added and the slipping stops right there. The first few times it is very strange as we tend to compensate for the potential fall which never happens.
When it gets colder outside or you plan to spend some time in water the socks are really recommended without your feet will stay dry but will tend to get pretty cold.

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