Taking a whole week-end to take long exposure pictures is something that did take a very long time to plan with all my other engagements. Researching the perfect location with  the application Stuck on earth and TPE to find the perfect position of the sun and to set my alarm clock.

I had settled for the Bay of Rosas where we have a few friends and a location I know pretty well. My original plan was to go to the natural reserve and shoot from there. I did not get a chance to scout for it and did settle for St Mart d’Empuries which has some rocks on the beach and  very easy to reach. Sunday Morning i was of to a late start. I drove to the location hoping that I would be there early enough to catch some nice light. I was there about 45 minutes before sunrise instead of the 1 hour I had hoped.

Working with my light meter was crucial to get a better reading on the light even if an option to include the duration for added filters would be great. for now the option is either to use 1 app on my tablet or do the math in my head. Since this was on a beach and close to salt water my brain had to work hard.

Taking the pictures started on Saturday with a trip to the hardware store I had forgotten the allen key to attach my arca plate.I know the basics of working with a tripod.While in town I did take a few pictures hand-held working with the light meter .
I was just a little late for the Market in Empuriabrava

On the way back i did experiment by putting the tripod into a stream and the camera barely above water. Not the best pictures or the best location. This was a practice only setting

Once the plate attached I did go for a massage,  on the way pack I stopped to scout the location in St Marti

Finally Sunday Morning after a cold night I was up early to capture the beach in beautiful light using both my Pro camera ( Sony SLT-A99 ) and my point & Shoot camera Sony RX-100M2

A few Snapshots and details of some of the gear used on location


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