I have been in Paris many times for work and done my share of Photography. This time was special I am a big social media and internet in General user. I mean I was surfing the web and its ancestors well before it was fashionable. Meeting new people sharing exchanging gets us all closer together. This time I had a offer to meet somebody who I only knew from the web. It was fun to be taken along for a walk to discover Paris from the point of view of another Person.

I had an absolute awesome time and manged to get a few pictures. Taking pictures was not the main objective for the day and I “only” had the Sony RX100m2 and Oben TT-50 in my Pocket.

While waiting at the Hotel de Ville de Paris, playing around whit the rising sun to the sound of the french workers protesting.

Walking around the Islands of Paris

Lunch time eating at a Terrace, it was sunny but with the wind not really warm, still good enough to enjoy a nice meal

Can’t miss Notre Dame, this was my first visit inside in over 25 years(oh my, the last time inside was in the late 80’s or early 90’s)

Time to say:”See you soon Paris”

Discovering a city is much more fun with somebody else than alone. Who is next to join me in one of me walks ?

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