My Pictures are getting better

Owning a new camera is one thing. to properly use it and make good looking pictures is another thing.
After buying a few books about photography on my kindle and reading lots of tips. I think my pictures are improving.
There was no way for me to get Photoshop running on my my Linux box and in a vmware it would just take too much resources. I did go for GIPMP bought a great book and have a look at the pictures.

Picture 1 is the original from the camera in raw. The 2nd is edidted in GIMP

The same pictures edited in GIMP

Yes there are the same Pictures just some editing in between about 10minutes

In New York I had to try my tripd and one of the may tricks I did read in my books on how to make great skylines. The quality of the image here is terrible it is a 10% jpeg. The actuall file in GIMP is 900MB (23776×2944) it is a stitch of 9 pictures using Hugin_Panorama Creator (free software) the process is really easy if while taking the picture some rules are followed. The actual stick was even bigger but some is lost on the edges.

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