I recently had the chance to attend 2 games of the Tampa Bay Lightnings against the Calgary Flames and the Dallas Starts. The Lightnings did lose both games. I had fun anyway. I did not get any special access just 3rd row next to the penalty box. The plan was that I would just watch the game. The photographer in me did however take over.

At the first game I had only the Sony RX-100M2 for the 2nd Game I did take the Sony SLT-A99 without grip and I could not take my 70-200 f2.8 it is longer than what the venue will allow. My 35-200 f4-5.6 from Minolta would have to do. I wanted to do this stealth.

I did get plenty of heads in my pictures, in the end a rather interesting selection for somebody who was just trying to enjoy the game. The venue is absolutely stunning, the Geneva fans are however a lot more vocal and present for the whole game not just for a few moments here and there.

Pictures from Game 2 Lightnings vs Starts shot with the A99 and Minolta 35-200

Pictures from Game 1 Lightnings vs Flames and some from Game 2 shot with the tiny Sony RX100M2

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