I had a meeting In Paris and instead of taking the way to early flight I did get to Paris the evening before.

This being a business trip I only did take along my “pocket photograpgy” kit: Sony RX100MII and Oben TT-50 tripod. It literally fits into my pockets. It is not the DSLR but pretty good quality anyway.


From my first stop was Monmartre. I got there a little late for for the walk up the Sacrée Coeur our to visit one of the churches (at least the priest did allow me to peak inside). I saw some teenagers recording a rap clip. It was pretty god an I did offer to take some pictures.


After that I headed to le Trocadero, stopped for dinner and then took pictures of the Eiffel tower

The Sony RX100MII has an crazy picture quality for such a small camera bellow the picture and the a zoom in from the original file to show the details

and from there to Bir Hakeim to photograph the bridge. Back at the hotle my view of the Gare de l’est was not too bad. and begin high up it was really qu too

Back at the hotel my view of the Gare de l’est was not too bad. and begin high up it was quiet

Did I miss my big camera ? Yes and having my Lee filter would provide more flexibility for stunning images.

However the RX100 is so small that it is easy to carry and takes pretty good pictures.

I would say that for 50% of the pictures it is as good as a DSLR

Ffor 30% of the pictures it does involve varying degree of either hard work and/or frustration to get the pictures I really want

.That leaves about 20% where a DSLR is really required.

Not bad for a package that will fit into my pockets and does not attract attention at all

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