I am writing this blog post following photo related stories I heard over the weekend.

Some back ground information. I shoot quiet a bit, as of today I have already 1-4 assignments every week until march 2015 and from experience there will be at least another 20 more to come up. Not being a full time photographer, I would love to shoot more weddings but can’t be bothered to actively pursue this market.
Coming back to the weekend stories, over the weekend I did meet one of my clients for whom I did shoot a private event, she was recently at a wedding.
She was annoyed by the clumsy poses the photographer asked for, how much time it did take and how it broke the flow of the wedding.
Next I did meet a friend and she has a co worker who did get married recently. The pictures are so bad, she does not want to show them to anybody.
They have 0 pictures of the most important day in their life.

You think it is bad by now, I was served another horror story by another friend.
They did attend a wedding and the photographer was a dictator bossing people around and making it hard to enjoy the celebration.
I know by now you must think well they got what they paid for. This is where it goes really wrong.
This where 3 different weddings and I was told at different moments. It was not a case oh my experience was worse than yours.

In all 3 cases people did hire a “professionals” doing this for a living and paying a 4 figure rate in USD (ok low 4 figures). It is easy to blame the bride for not doing enough enough research. I would guess that they have been mislead by the website and/or recommendation of the photographer.
I can pretty much guarantee that these people and all who attended will now say the photographer was not that good after all,let’s have uncle bob, cousin joe and Dave from accounting shoot some backup just in case.  I can’t blame them for it.
We all need to educate our friends and people we know on how important it is to get the right photographer for any event.
My hat off to all the people who say “I want to remain your friend and will not take the pictures at your wedding”
Today I did get a call from 1 wedding where they are asking me to “salvage” their images into a nice book and what I needed.
Obviously a re-shoot is not in the cards. I asked for the raw files. I suspect I may have to be content with jpeg. As all you know jpeg is good enough…
I will only agree, if there is something for me to save. Sorry miracles can not be guaranteed by contract.Uncle_bob__ DSC01928


I also had a very positive story. I was recently invited to a party and did take pictures.
I know I can’t help it, holding a camera and taking pictures makes me happy. Most people at the party had not noticed that I was taking pictures all along.
They where all raving of the quality of the work and how real they looked. Most had not even registered that I was taking pictures and they where blown away when they got a pictures they could actually touch. I know some is probably flattery still it is nice to hear.
Lets all hope for great pictures for the important moments in life and we will have to get used to have uncle Bob, Cousin Joe, Dave, … around us just in case ….

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