A few weeks ago we had 1 week to explore Scotland that was definitely not enough and we could only sample small bits of it. We will definitely going back.

For the gear we had 2 Sony A99 & the Sony RX100m2, Gitzo and Manfroto tripods, Lee filters (which we had to share).
On the Android Phone and tablet: TPE for the position of the sun and exposure calculator to calculate the exposure time.

I have processes all pictures using Capture one pro 7 and also OnOne software Perfect Photo Suite


Here a selection of my Pictures

Here the pictures taken by my wife. I love her results and the teaching, shared experience made it even more wonderful.

Next time we will definitely have 2 lee filter sets to be able to work the same pictures. This time it was quick setup and picture for me. Then letting my darling experiment with long expsures

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