EVO Ride around Lake Geneva

The Evo is finally wired up with all the lights and Fans for the cooling of the engine (me). Sunday the announce dry and cold weather -2 to max 8C. Perfect day for the evo without the roof.

In the morning 7:00 it was a bit cold but afer 2km the windbreaker came of and only summer clothes and long sleeves.

17km the first stop for a technical problem. I had not cleaned up properly in the evo and a piece of cloth got into the chain tube. It smashed the tube through the rear derailleur (again). Getting out of the evo put on the clothes, take the evo and derailleur apart. Fix everything and put it back into place. I feel like riding home and going back to bead.

I keep on riding the ride is getting better the front derailleur is on strike too, but I can force it to work. Soon I leave my usual training roads and I am really on my way around the lake. Just over half way around I have a few friends where I can stop I don’t feel too well.

I reach Thonon the road is on in great shape but OK and there are a few nasty bumps. I get a lot of looks from people out to get their breakfast. Thonon is small town and never very pleasant and there is a hill with light in the city.

From here it is flat or downhill to Evian. The EVO races down there at speeds up to 70km/h. This gives my lesgs some rest.Evian is left behind and going towards St-Gingolph and back to Switzerland.

My pace is not world class but give my lack of training and a serious flu just 3 weeks ago. I am pretty happy. Looking at the KM marks and calculating the timing I am faster than what I would have expected.

Back in Switzerland around Noville. I am in the middle of no where. Nature is calling a way that It is hard to pedal. Finally I find a few bushed to hide leaving the evo on the side of the road. The problem with the EVO or any velomobile is that you attract attention. Since Evian I have had people standing on the side of the road or in car’s snapping pictures of me. Stopping further down the road and take a film or more pictures of me.

In Switzerland there is a Small Shell station and a regular stop for me. Cameras to watch my bike, food, dirks, restrooms and very friendly people. After a 10minute rest,warmup refill it was back on the road again. It is just 10:00 and I have covered already 90km with some technical maintenance.

Villeneuve-Montreux is for me the least pleasant part hills, lights and city pretty much all the way. It goes much better than I would have anticipated.

Just after St-Saphorin. The EVO is causing me some issues the lower part of the rear fairing is touching the wheel and I can’t really get my hand on where this is happening. I add some more tape hoping this will fix it. Another call from nature in the worst spot  a straight road lake on one side on the other high walls. Thank good it is still Sunday and early.

The way to Lausanne is uneventful. But I know after Lausanne is the real test. Lausanne- EPFL-Prevérenges. I am tired and probably 120km was my limit for that day. I shift the evo to lowers gear the fan’s at full blow and I crawl up the hill at 8km/h my 103km and 35km make up some mass tu push up the hill. But after that I know it is all the way down to Morges (but to spoil the fun they added traffic lights to slow down traffic) All the lights are red and every time I have to stop and there was no way to catch the next light on green.

Morges- Allaman is another stretch which is not easy end less long straight lines some small climbs. But they work out not too bad. In alaman I rest for a few minutes. I need to stand up and walk a bit.

Allaman-Rolle is downhill and the evo reaches 60km/h again and my moral gets a boost. until there are some constructions with a red light at the foot of the hill. and again a hill I crawl up a granny speed.

Rolle-Nyon is a mixed section I am clearly tired and probably over what my current shape would allow. On the flat or downhill the evo is rolling and it boost my moral any hill is a challenge. Most of them are taken with enough speed and I crest at still 20km/h.

Nyon-Geneva the end is near. The speed and pace are OK not what I would have hoped for but still around 26-30km/h

Geneva is not the best day (like any time I ride around the lake I end up tangled in traffic for some big event. This time it is the Geneva motorshow. Funny is that many for these car buffs drive next to me and snap pictures.

In front of one of the Luxury hotels is a collection of Luxury cars with about 60 or so photographers. When they see me coming suddenly they all give up the cars and rush on the street to snap pictures of me. The last few miles and hills and I am back home exhausted and tired but feeling great.

My consumption on the ride was 8 energy gels, 2 ham sandwiches and 6liter of water for 187 km in 6:45 just below 28km/h average (not a record but I am not in form either, my record is 4:50 with a group of rides anb 6h02 ride solo no drafting on my look.

I am dirty all gray in the face with ton’s of salt. I love the evo but no way I will do long tours with it summer.

A few pictures of the ride. I did not have the energy to snap more, there is however potential to shoot more the next time

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