In the last few month I have traveled a few times to Paris to take pictures. Going to the same place is a good was to improve, see things differently, … Yes there are different locations in Paris but I always come back to : La pyramide du Louvre, Pont des Arts, Notre Dame, Tour Eiffel, la Defense. Going there again and again it is really pushing me to get a great and different picture. Not all are great.

Gear is also a consideration I go to Paris mainly for work and taking my complete gear along is not always practical and convenient. Lately I have have left the big camera at home to work only with the Sony RX100m2. This small camera is both impressive and frustrating because for many things it is not as flexible as my big camera. It does however make up with a very light kit and amazing picture. After a typical evening I will assume that all the pictures are bad until I open them with Snapseed on my tablet and edit them. They are usually pretty god results. I use a small Table tripod recommended by B&H the Oben TT-50


Here a gallery of shots taken with the RX100m2 and processed on the table with snapseed. Honestly pretty good for something done with such a compact gear. Including the table everything will literally fit in the pockets of my jacket. They would fit into my jeans too but that would not be very practical walk around with, if I leave the tablet at home it actually fits into the pocket of a jeans. Keep that in mind when you look at the pictures.

I would say that my pictures look better than probably 80-90% of the people next to me shooting with a DSLR. Most in Auto or P mode and hand held.


Just for the sake of comparison 4 pictures with the Sony SLT-A99, I know there are only 2 shots, because with the big camera I shoot less and try things that don’t always work, take longer to setup and process. Or simply because the camera is in the bag.

I admit the last picture was only possible with the A99 having the girl jump was at a crazy 6400ISO and in very limited light. She was trying to get that with the iphone, I offered to take the shot for her and did e-mail her the picture, the others are long exposures and using filters beyond the 30second limit of the RX100

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