Digiscoping the first shots at the Moon

Having sent back the telescope for replacement the first was defective. We had already spend a few nights looking at far away stars (they look nice but way too small in the 25mm eye piece.

Now the Moon is showing up in the sky and we had to take a first look at it. Astronomy is a strange hobby you can’t really decide when you do it. The elements will tell you when you are allowed to look at the sky. For 1 Week we had clear sky with many deep stars shining but noting really fancy to look at. The are calling for a week of could and rain. SO even the small part of the moon was a great way to explore the new telescope.

Here some pictures doing either digiscoping with my Sony  Cybershot DSC-W320 and some with the Alpha 100 with the T-Adapter using the scope as a lense.

The Cybershot solution is fairly easy, cheap, but not the best. Limited control on exposre, focusing through the eyepiece is tricky and not moving on exposure is also a challenge, Steady technology is clearly helping here.



The clear benefit of this solution is the additional magnification factor.

Now “real” Photography with an SLR camera. The T-adapter and camera ring work (but it was not properly assembled and one of body did drop on the floor) Big problem I see here is that one has to remove the lens leave the body open. Remove the eyepiece and replace the primary focus with the tube to connect the camera. clearly not something I would try in any humid or dusty environment. There is no way to steady the camera it must be held firm (again thank you steady shot)

The Pictures are attached



Bottom line an interesting experience. I will probably try to perfect both solutions but for now they are good enough to give a small idea of what it is like to look at the moon and stars through a scope


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  1. Hello Claus,

    Fantastic foto’s you have made of the moon!


    Greetje van Son, the Netherlands

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