One of the drawbacks when photography becomes more than a hobby is that accounting and paperwork does take some time. After working on the this I did organize my office space better. With 6 chargers for the cameras and the batter charger it was a never ending cable mess on my sitting area. The chargers are used at least 2x every week and there is absolutely no incentive to move them away. The bad news is that my sitting area did become a mess off chargers and other stuff just piling up. Today I decided to clean up.


My laptop had already been fitted with Velcro. Yes it does look strange and I get quiet a few comments but this is really useful. The long Velcro on the top is used for my Sandisk card reader(s) (s if they are stacked)

2 small on the top for my cell phone and 4g hotspot

2 on the lower section are used to attach my external hard drives. Now when I am at an event, airport, …. Just stick everything on to my laptop and no more hassle

My new Desk and holder for my workstation, the whole plate and tower moves up/down. To have it all clean I just added some Velcro on the side of the tower and now the card readers and external drive are attached, no risk of falling down. All clean and organized

The the cable charger monster. I had a piece of simple pine wood left over from a project. nothing fancy, but clean cut. I added some Velcro to my multiple plug extension and then did stick it to the wood piece. I repeated the same thing for my 3 chargers and finally the charger for the other camera. Now the whole set sits behind the couch and is easy to pull out when I need to charge my gear and as easy to put away. Behind the couch I have my backup workstation which I will use for tethered shooting or showing pictures while seated comfortably.

To make my life easy it is always the soft side of the Velcro on anything that is mobile and the sticky part on the “fixed” side

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