Let me introduce my self: “My name is Lausi”. Somebody was too little back then, to get the K right.

Also Lausi in Bavarian could be translated as “rascal”. When I first met Klaus he was as tall as I was. I was a gift from an uncle in the maternity.

I was a very close friend, best friend to share secrets with ” Good and Bad”. The bond lasted for a very long time, we would talk a lot, share secrets. I was always there to make life a little easier with my big heart and ears.

As he grew up, one day he did see a girl, did fall helplessly in love, for weeks he could only talk about her and how much wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

When you love somebody you let them grow and encourage them. They did fall in love, got married and where very happy.

I ended up in a big box with all the other stuffed animals. Life was too busy, he had no time for me…. Until his mother reminded him that I was still there a few years later .

Since that day I have been sitting in the bedroom getting a gentle hug every now and then.

Witnessing true love of a family and his daughter all grown up.

I could tell you many secrets … but I won’t, true friends never tell the secrets they where entrusted with.

What I can tell you is that it was a honor to be a model for his test. To see how passion and love are important.

Also that when memory lane hit!  There was a little tear and hard swallowing. SSHHHHH I should probably not tell you more.

Be passionate, remember those who where there for you, who gave you their love when you needed it.


I could whisper so many secrets ………………..


….. If you listen carefully with your heart, you may hear them.


2 thoughts on “Come closer, I can whisper a few secrets . . .

  1. Lovely and heartbreaking story by this little rabbit!
    I still take my teddies in my arm sometimes, just in order to remind me of former times! For me, they do have feelings…

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