On February 1st I was fortunate to spend a whole day with Joe McNally. I was even able to ask a question.

My question was very simple: “How do I take better pictures at live event where I have the flash on camera ?”

The last picture with the flash on camera

Joe’s answer was very simple (and I knew the answer) : “Get the flash off camera. Try to have an assistant with you walking through the venue, use a TTL cord anything but take if off center”

I had a great time, learned a lot. Got back at shooting events but the flash stayed on camera, I knew how that worked, looked. Hassle free but the answer was hurting me. I had many excuses not to try: To much gear, not practical, unpredictable, need to buy new gear, …..

After buying a box of speed lights for other work. I did thing about it again. My TTL cord did not work.


A sing that the flash was meant to stay on camera. I had only the traditional Minolta cable. Time to check for the Sony cable! It does not really exist and it is a mix of adapters, …

Buying a 2nd flash ? definitely too heavy. …… The flash stays on camera.

Wait a minute I have that mini flash from Sony which can be used to trigger the flash wireless ? Will it work. Another Minolta / ISO hot shoe adapter later and the flash was on camera.

Nothing worked ! OK I give up ! it stays on camera! Reading the manual and forums. IT works

What better time to try than game 6 in the playoff quarter finals. Just before the game started. NOTHING WORKS, test, fiddle, curse, some more curse, thing again. Yes it works. First picture

Joe was Right.


First pictures with the flash off camera. The boy was behind the glass windows. On camera that would have been terrible


The reason why I was reluctant to go off camera. OK this was game 6 in the semi finals and things did get a little out of hand and there was a lot of pushing


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