As a photographer we do take a lot of pictures. For the most part they live or get forgotten on a hard drive, NAS or cloud storage. Yes organizing goes to some extent to resolve this but it is never easy. I should say it was not until I started using Mylio.

Mylio is unique in the way that it allows to organize, sort, tag pictures and then have them available on multiple devices, tag them on the table phone while on the bus, or waiting.

It is great to show family or friends pictures I have of them or for a specific location, ….

I was showing family pictures of my tables when I got the question: “Do you have any pictures of a poppy field ?”


Here the pictures withe processing form 2011 and 2015

Sure I have taken poppy fields but where and when ? It was in Spain in the spring, in mylio I did go to the calendar view all the way back to April 2011 and there I had a picture of a Poppy field. “Oh that is amazing can I buy this ?”

Of course you may purchase it lets go to the PC, look up the folder of the original raw files for that day and I had 50 different pictures. She looked at all of them and decided she liked the one I had processed 4 years ago.

I did reprocess, compose the picture with my current skills and printed a A3+ or 13x19inch print on Hahnemühle Fine art Baryta Paper . Wow tha print does look really good.


I am always amazed when people find my work good enough to hang it into their homes or offices and pay for it.


Mylio has made it so much easier and fun to mange my digital assets they are just one click away, I carry 35,000+ pictures on my tablet and I am not done yet with all the imports.



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