I had another business trip to Paris which was supposed to last 1 week. Sure I would take my big camera and tripod and filter, remote, …. But I also had the RX100M2 in my bag.

The more I travel with both I realize the camera is not all that important how I use the great and my vision are important. Sure The a99 is big has big tripod 2 lenses 17-35 and 35-200. The Rx100 is small and I have a tiny tripod for it.

Check out the pictures here taken on the same walk with the A99 and the RX100. For large prints I would argue that the A99 has an edge but having printed a reasonably large print from the RX100 it is not impossible if you get the picture right in camera.

Yes the picture should be as good as possible in camera. When I post process I see the biggest difference with the A99 I can put the sliders to almost any level and it looks on with the RX100 there are some unpleasant artifacts in the frame.

I hope you enjoy the selection of pictures

The A99 and Gitzo Tripod and 2 lenses 17-35 an d 35-200

RX100 with mini Oben TT-50 tripod

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