Early start at 8:00 after a good nigh sleep and breakfast.

Fairly easy to find the bike route again. An endless number of hills between 8-12% most of it paved small side roads. some not paved. 1 bike path access was too narrow and required dismounting the trike.

11:00 break for some bread with smoked ham. I can not even see the bread under all that ham + a cheesecake and back on the road.

14:30 I run out of water in all my bladders. Stop at a garden to ask for some water. He actually gives me a 1.5liter cold bottle from the fridge. I talk a bit with the neighbor kids who are intrigued by the trike. Just after that huge hill 12-15% for 3km. Did meet some mountain bikers climbing the same hill and chatted a while.

Finally I reach Lindau and the Bodensee without any view onto the lake. The tourism office finds me a hotel close by with a bike garage. Total for the day : 121km +1493m 6h07 on the bike

After the shower I go down to the butcher shop and get 2 sliced of Leberkäse with Bread, delicious, Then a Sunday at MCD for desert. I walk around town take some pictures, get some water and look for a place for dinner.

Checking the weather what route should I take next. follow the Rhine to the spring as planned, following toward the sea or ride around the Bodensee.

I have dinner at a nice Thai place and share my table with some people because the terrace is full.

Again an early nigh and the decision is make it will be the original plan an hope not to get too much rain.

Profile and map for the day

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