Great Sunnday Biking and Photography

I started early at 7:00 heading out on my bike with my LED lights. What a great time, Cold still partially dark and cloudy sky and nobody on the streets. After 2hours I was back home. I enjoyed every minute and had my photograph look for contracts and worthwhile locations.

In the after-noon we did go to the botanical garden. I love the way walking with other photographers forces you to thing about what you do when you press the shutter. Also having to work with a Sony HX-100 and keep it very simple is an added challenge. Again it was a great time.

I now “see” the pictures by just looking at then scene and going OK: If I change the Aperture, ISO, Flash, … This is what the picture should look like. What a rewarding feeling and all this because I had to show somebody else.

While walking I did take only a few pictures and many of the with my 100mmf2.8 macro lens. But when I saw the Tropical Garden and the textured sky and light I knew this might be a great potential for HDR. I only shortly played with the HDR, I hate to wait 1-2 minutes for my pc to process the HDR rendering. I am pretty happy with the result attached

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