Back on the bike for a workout getting ready for 2013

I know with my work, the different photo gigs I am already pretty busy. I did however add another task to my  to-do list. In the summer 2013 there will be a velomobile “race”/tour around parts of Europe and I have volunteered to map out part of the route. Euro Tour 2013

The lazy solution would be to map it out on Google maps or CompeGPS. That is not the route I have decided to take. I have studied to good old paper map and I will ride out the different sections to make sure they are really usable with a velomobile.

Velomobiles are very fast on the flat or downhill. They turn just slightly better than a truck. Riding uphill is like wrapping your self into a plastic bag, strap an anvil on your back and drag an anchor behind you.

So my approach is to start riding all the possible roads with the following selection rules :

  1. Would I enjoy this section after 100km(60miles)
  2. Is it usable with a velomobile (gates, narrow sections, driveway’s many stop signs, ….
  3. Is there a road in better condition
  4. Is there an option that includes less climbs
  5. Does the route add anything except KM to the ride
  6. Is it easy to navigate

So armed with these rules I headed out to my local roads. I was on my race bike (still waiting for the tune up of the EVO). I decided to take all the sections which are probably not good with a Velomobile. This was a great training session and I think I have about 20-30km of pleasant road mapped out, some minor annoying options where I can’t do much but some really nice flat or slightly down-hill sections in good condition

Here some details from my ride 48km in 1hour 49 and 452m positive climbs

The ride profile in brown, green is my power output in between there is my speed and in blue the wind.

The spike in the middle of the ride is real this section is downhill with a small hill that I did ride all out.

Cadence I am impressed by the % in grey 80-100 pretty good  







The scatter shows power vs cadence (they are  nicely grouped together.


The power output by time interval is not bad either. The most important measure I had a great time and enjoyed it.

On one of the hills I did overtake a couple and I was holding 300-350W after a few minutes the husband did over take my. I was tempted to follow but knew this would not be good. Less than 500m later I was overtaking again. He did hold my wheel for about 1km before he did drop back. All the time I tried to stay in the same 300-350W range slightly above my comfort zone but ok for 5 minutes or so.

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