En déplacement à Paris j’ai profité de la soirée pour faire des photos malgré quelques gouttes de pluie.

J’ai fait relativement peu de photos et surtout des séries qui restent à traiter.

L’objectif du jour était de trouver des prises de vues originales de Paris. Le resultat est 5 images dans des traitements très différents

I was for work in Paris and could not skip the opportunity to take some pictures. Despite some rain I walked out for the evening. The objective was to take original/different pictures form Paris (not all that simple) at least the was a great storm sky with clouds that did help a bit. When ever I saw 2-3 photographers on the same spot I looked somewhere else for a different angle.


At the end of the evening I did shoot relatively few pictures less than 300 in about 3 hours. Many of these are bracketed pictures. After the initial sort I am down to 170. About half are bracketed pictures to be processed. Others are different test shots in very low light hand-held at 1.8 (not a great idea)

I saw a few photographers where I was like “Yes that’s it! Creative original spot”

The result pictures are all very different from HDR, to light painting with 2 flashes, to long exposures.

I am also testing some new post processing software and work-flow. I have to admit I am a total beginner in darktable and lost in all the sliders but this software seems to have potential.

A number of people asked me to take pictures of them whit their camera, apparently I look like somebody who knows what he is doing.

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