Special bikes need special gear

I love my trike and Velomobile but when ever I change/tweak/fix anything it usually something that is either annoying or out right frustrating.

Regular bikes fit with most of the components most of the time. with the trike and VM most of the time it is more like “Ok this thing will not fix, I need a specific piece of gear that will fit in this position, ….

Today it was time to replace my old ibike mounts by the new one. Unfortunately the default mounts are attached to the handlebar on either side of the stem. This does not work on any of my race bikes and even less on the trikes where there is no handlebar.

After a lot of tweaking, drilling and cursing I had finally 2 custom mounts that fit perfectly fine on the trike and velomobile

Below the picture of the mount that would have made my life easier and what I built

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