Google + Aletsch Glacier Event

Enjoy the pictures form our walk. I have written a lengthy message about how this walk happened any my current stand on social networks

Google + is that the ghost town trying to compete with Facebook ? I am on both and they are fundamentally different.

Facebook is for me a selfish / voyeur network “see what I have been up to” or see how many friends I have, …, sure it allows you to keep track of school friends and ex-coworkes  (maybe even your EX).

It may be just me but most of the time I don’t care what you had for lunch. Yes it is ok to keep up with friends, … but do I really need to accept a new app every time I want to follow a link?

Google + is about the content. In my case Photography and to some extent cycling. I can share bike subjects only with people in my bike circle. I don’t know most of the people on Google +. I have been there less than 1 year but in that year I had more real life interactions than with all my “real friends” on Facebook.

My personal ration is 99.5% G+ 0.5% Facebook

I was lucky to be invited to be part of the people who started the Swiss Photo Club on Google +. The idea was to organize a number events for Swiss photographers to meet and take part in a joint event.

Aletsch Glacier was exactly that 12 people + significant others, kids, … we did all meet for the day in total close to 20 people to walk on the glacier.

Some of the people I saw for the first time others for the 2nd or 3rd time. Every time we do meet it is to share something we are passionate about. It is a natural extension form the exchanges, inspiration we do experience online.

Google + is about sharing content about a subject your circle are interested in and share the same passion. Every day I see an inspiring photo, story or suggestion.

I have 10x “friends” on G+ than Facebook. I interact very little on Facebook. On Google+ interaction and relevant comments, contributions are what makes the interest of the platform.

In Google+ it is not about watch me. It is: “Here is something I did, let me know what you think” If you get no +1 it means that probably the post was not great and you should try harder.

It is interesting to see that Google + is really just a platform for people to organize and meet: on-line, offline, hybrid(both on/off) definitely a place to look or if you want to interact with people with the same passion/hobby

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