Paris Père-lachaise Cimetery

While in Paris, I had some time before I had to catch my flight back home. Going there I knew that I would be converting many to B&W. I tried to keep that in mind while composing my shots and looking for textures and contrasts

Included a Gallery with a few the pictures of this very quiet and peaceful place inside Busy Paris. I love the older section with the decaying monuments

Finally alone (this made me smile)

Some family name are not easy to carry

(for the non french speakers  “Family theUgly”

The complete gallery of pictures


Paris Père-lachaise Cimetery — 3 Comments

  1. Yes the Grave is still there. Also many other famous people. I had less than 1 hour there. It was more a scouting session for me. To bad that it closed at night when I would have time to go there. I may have to boot a day or half day to go back there to shoot

  2. OMG this post is just hilarious in so many ways! I must admit tughoh i am quite taken with Paris and her overall see-if-i-give-a-f&#K attitude toward everything in life. You go girl, Paris.From a girl who once named her pet “Paris”

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