RDVpour le match de 2ème ligue par un temps incertain qui ne c’est pas arrangé. Au final 1 mi-temps sous la pluie trempé jusqu’à l’os et très peu de photos acceptables. Entre la pluie, le manque de lumière et la lumière orange du Stade un vrai défi pour prendre des photos

Shooting another soccer game this time the grown ups in challenging conditions. The weather turned from bad to worse. After 1half drenched to the bones I did give up.

Between the raid, lack of light, the orange stadium lights it was a real challenge to get a decent picture.

is was all shot with the A77 and the 70-200mm f2.8. The camera was safe in my Lensecoat. This is a great rain cover and also keeps the hands warm. I had also left the mono-pod at home, another lesson learned


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