My Cycling Gear Page
On this page I list all my cycling gear and some tips collected over the years.

The Bikes
LOOK 585 Carbon (standard) not ultra
This is the bike I will use to race all my events.
I have selected the 585 after many discussions with dealers and LOOK.

I like the look of the 486 (tri Frame) and some advised me on the 585 ultra.
For multiple day event’s the 585 Ultra is probably too stiff to feel well on it.

It is an XXL Frame with Shimano Ultegra

Mavis R-sys Wheels
I upgraded the wheels on the look to Mavic R-sys wheels and they are gret light solid and fast

Catrike 700
This is the latest addition to my list of bikes. I have been looking for a recumbent bike for almost 2 years and after different alternatives I finally did settle for the Catrike 700
A very compfortable and nice 3 wheeled bike.
I it great for tours at slow pace to enjoy the view but it can also master mountains but somewhat slower than the Look

Peugot Savoie (Vintage 1986)
This is my old Road bike. I still use it for rides into town. I have covered many KM on this bike.
2x Geneva-Figueras (600km)
I love this bike. All steel frame and very soft (compared to Aluminium)
The Wheels are Mavic Hubs and Open Rims with DP Competition Spokes. They are really unbreakable with Hutchinson tires.

1986 Look Pedals. I love them still today

Lapierre MTB
When the weather is not good or for short fun rides I use the Lapierre MTB.

GO-one Evolution
I purcahsed this Velomobile used from the original owner who had tailored it for Speet. It is light and fast with some compromise to comfort.
Other Equipment on and around the bike
This is my latest but “gadget” but a very usefull one I train better and harder than I ever did before.

HRM and Speed are now almost irrelevant Power output is what counts and to see the average increase with training is a great thing.
I Bike Pro

I have upgraded to the IBIKE Pro Gen III what a difference even better than the original. built in training program based on your own performance. All wireless. can be moved within seconds from the cat to the look.

Added the remote wind sensor on the trike too

It is cheaper than any other powermeter alternative and portable on many bikes for a very low cost. It is possible to use the Ibike on 5-10 bikes for the price of competing prodcuts where you have to take appart at least one piece of your bike and move it the other bike.

Ibike Pro
LandSea Air

GPS Tracker

Here the word Tracker is important. I don’t need a GPS for my rides and for long rides the battery life is too short and many other limitations.
For directions I copy the maps I need and then I cutout my route with a 2km margin on every side (maps at least 200,000 scale)
The tracker is to record the rides and then view the on GPS software and analyse the climbes and routes. I will also use it to create roadbooks.

I went for a Tracker from LSA. Because it provided the best compromise in terms of:
battery life while recording
recording interval (1s)
number of trackpoints.

With 1 battery it will record for about 50hours the device does hold 100 hours of riding with 1s intervals. Weight 80grams. It is my saddle pocket and works great

For a very long time I have used a Gel Saddle on my different bikes.
And then at the Interbike 2007 I came across the SMP stand.
It was possible to sit on the saddles and try them. After reading the brochure I got SMP Strike evolution.

After 2 hours ride my decision was clear. It would be with this saddle that I ride and no other. I own now 3 saddles : 2 evolution and 1 Pro.
I have the pro on my home trainer. I have a clear preference for the evolution. It is narrow and I feel better on it.
Selle SMP
I bought a pair a carbon wheels Xentis Wheels from one the local stores because I got a great deal on them.

After the first ride which was probably not ideal with some climbes at 12% +. I am very impressed by these wheels. At “slow” speed or climbes they are as light/fast as my other wheels.
They are very stiff and prbobably not as comfortable for longer rides (I will have to test that)
On the flat and at high speed they are very impressive at 35km/h or even better 40+ it seems as if you are flying. They are very stable and extremely efficient.
On my 1st ride I did ride about 0.5 km/h faster than usual and I was not feeling all that well either.

Mavic R-Sys I did crash the Xentis front wheel in an accident and decided to get a new pair of wheels from Mavic with a 3 year insurrance against any damage. They are great light, fast, rigid and I have not had any issue with these wheels. Quiet a change to some of the other wheels I have owned. If you are carefull with your gear these are great wheels