I have a lowepro Fastpack 350, Think Tank Modular System  and lowe pro lens exchanger

For traveling I have a Think tank Airport Take Off (rolling bag with backpack straps )Ideal for traveling with little walking around

Kalahari Tripod bag

Lowepro Lens Trekker for the big glass

My Cameras

2x Sony A99 & Batter Grip

Sony SLT-A77

Sony HX-100 as travel/light camera

My Lenses

Carl Zeiss 24-70mm f.28

Sony G 70-200mm f2.8

Sony G 70-400mm 4-5.6

Carl Zeiss 135mm f1.8

Minolta 100mm f2.8 Macro

Sigma 15mm f2.8

Lensbaby composer

Minolta 600mm f4


Sony HVL-F58AM

HVL-F20AM (as trigger)

FA-HS1AM (ISO_Flash hot shoe converter)

Pearstone off camera Cable 1m (I leave this at home most of the time)

Rogue Flash Bender

Interfit 32″ 5in 1 Reflector

B.I.G Gels and holder for the flash


Gitzo Mountaineer 6X

Gitzo GH2780QR Center Ballhead

Gitzo spare plate (when fellow shooter want to use my tripod)

I designed my own camera harness for real pros shooters who spend hours walking with plenty of gear. It is available here for purchase


B+W UV Haze 1x (on the lenses as protection

B+W ND 25%

B+W Circular Polarizer

Lee Filter Foundation Kit 100

Lee 0.3 Soft Neutral Density

Lee 0.9 Soft Neutral Density

Lee Big Stopper

Lee 0.3 Hard Neutral Density

Lee 0.6 Hard Neutral Density

Lee 0.6 Hard Neutral Density

Hitech 3.0 Neutral Density Prostop 10 (terrible blue cast would not recommend this)


Sandis Extreme Pro SD cards 4x32GB +2x16GB

Lexar 2x16GB

1 Sandisk 60mb/s 16GB

1 Photosafe II 320GB (Stopped working after 3 years still looking for a replacement)

Other Photo Stuff

Pearstones wireless trigger

Vello Shutter bosswireless trigger (bigger but with timer and other nice features)

ExpoImaging ExpoDisc 77mm Digital White Balance Filter – Neutral

ExpoImaging ExpoDisc 77mm Digital White Balance Filter – Warm

Body and Lens covers (just in case I take the gear apart)


Optex Blower

Lens Pen

AF Lens wipes (humid & Dry) (always a few

2 micro fiber cloth from HAMA



9 Sony batteries total (5 off-brand, they don’t last as long as the Sony now switching to all Sony)

4 AA batteries for the big flash

2 AAA batteries for the small flash

CR2 battery for the Wireless trigger

CR2032 for the remote of the trigger

mini screw driver for the remote control

Personal Stuff

Business Cards


Collar band with release to attach accreditation

Paper tissues

ear plugs (you never know when it may get loud)