My Photo Gear

My Photo gear no longer fits into my camera bag.

Please check my Camera bag for the main gear I travel around most of the time

Studio Strobes

2x Elinchrom BXRi 500


1x Innovatronix Mini


2 Elinchrom Skyport

2 Universal Skyport Speed Receivers

2 No name triggers

12 wireless triggers

Softboxes & Modifiers

2x Elinchrom Portalite 66×66

1x Elinchrom Deep Octa 70cm

1 Elinchrom Snoot & Grid

1 Lastolie Easybox

1 Lastolite off camera Flash Grip

Studio Accessories

Photoflex 3x3m Backdrop support Kit

Savage super white 1.35x11m paper roll

Black muslin 3×6 m backdrop

White muslin 3x6m backdrop

40cm mini studio enclosure

Interfix 8″ light stant

Photoflex backdrop support

2 elinchrom light stands


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