Please find a link to my web shop at amazon. The Idea here is not a quick get rich scheme here.
If you find this blog interesting and you have a friend or are a photographer have a look.
I have included in this store Items I either own, want/would buy and definitely would recommend to any photographer.
The same goes for my book recommendations. I have read them and own them.

I selected amazon because they just have the easiest way to integrate with my website. They are also my favorite shopping destination.
There are other place I will shot as well for photo-gear : B&H In NY in Switzerland Profot is my go to place for all my lighting and studio gear and rentals

Klaus Binder Photo heaven

If you are not a Sony shooter I have created a generic list and a Sony specific category. I may add more categories in the future

Voici le liens vers la boutique Amazon France des produits que je recommande. (elle est moins bien fournie que celle des USA.

Ma Boutique Amazon France