A few pictures to illustrate how I did imagine to install the Ibike pro with a wireless mount inside my evo

This is the front view with the air intake and the tube which would be used by the Ibike

On the right a close up view on how the RSW would be installed and glued into place (horizontally)These pictures are from the inside an how I was hoping to install the

IBIKE Pro and the tube to the RSW it would probably be 4ft long with a few turn

Some more inside pictures with the pilot inside and the prefered location for the IBIKE Pro. It would be mounted flat on the console currently under design to integrate the different switches for lighting and singlaing

This are pictures of some alternate mounting options but none ideal (either no reading or to steep) on the steering would be an issue since the steering can move quiet a bid indipendent of the bike and the slope would be off too

Wheels view

‘>with the magnet and sensor and with the wheel cover installed