Ce matin grand dilème quel match suvire ? FC Kosova joue à Satigny ou au Bout du Monde. Mais il y a une affiche très interessante juste en bas de chez moi. Ce sera donc PLO – Chênois. Après un match de Grand Lancy était prévu mais avec la pluie qui est arrivé j’en suis resté à ce match.

 Merci les garçons et les filles pour ce match très sympa à photographier de l’espaces ,de l’action, des buts.

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Un bon moment pour moi. J’ai fait le best of des immages et une collection plus large.Si vous aimez ces image vos commentaires sont le bien venu. Au plaisr de vous revoir sur un terrain.

Another Saturday with games and may to pick from. FC Kosova which is usually follow was playing not really close by. Just down from where I live there was a game that sparked my interest. So I did follow PLO – Chênois. I had planned another game but the rain killed that plan. Boy’s vs Girls and an interesting match with many goals, action.

The weather changed from really cloudy to full sunshine. As usual in these conditions I was kind of fighting with my 70-400 and the focus. I hope the A77 will improve on this. I think I am getting better at this. I shot way fewer pictures. I was maybe even more selective when picking the pictures (some pictures just did not show the girls in their best pose).

What has really changed is my post-processing all the best pictures have been edited in Darktable only and it is a lot faster than ufraw and gimp combined. I am not totally at ease with this work-flow but the results look ok

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