Photoshooting avec Cool Cool Rain

Ce dimanche matin RDV pour une session photo avec Emile et Thomas qui forment le groupe Cool Cool Rain pour une séance photo dans leurs local. Ces 5 heures enselbe ont passées très vite. Après un début un peu tendu tout le monde c’est détendu et il y a eu quelques moments ROCK attitude.

This Sunday I had a photo session with Emile and Thomas from the band Cool Cool Rain in their rehearsal room (part of a nuclear shelter). In the beginning things where a bit tens but they relaxed and brought a rock and fun attitude to the session. The 5hours really did fly by. It was very interesting to finally test some things I had been dreaming about. I really did learn a lot to make even better pictures. It was a good way to learn more about my Elinchrom strobes and how to work with the Lupolux Dayligh lights. The best friend on set was my roll of Gaffer tape

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