We did spend the day in Luzern with our new friends from Google + . This social media is different from any other. There are many interactions with people who happen to have the same Hobby. In our case Photography. Every day there is at least 1 post with an amazing/inspiring picture.

The interesting part is that it extends well beyond the web and many users do actually meet in real life to share events.

My Pictures

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The pictures of my wife (Sara)


For us this did mean a very early rise to catch the 7am train. At 10:00 we got to Luzern and less than 20 minutes later we had joined the other walkers. A quick intro and off for a pleasant stroll through the Streets and local event “Rondelle”. For lunch we did meet another group of G+er’s some headed home and the rest did go for lunch.

It is really inspirational to have 10 photographers walking down the same street and watching how each looks for the perfect picture or takes a chance to talk with another G+er.

Yes at times People looked up at the gang of paparazzi’s walking in the street. We got however mores smiles and questions than negative comments.

Looking forward for the next meeting with our new friends


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