Voici les images pour les match

Rhinos vs LUC

Whoppers vs Bandits

Merci les gars pour le spéctacle je reviens volontiers

les meilleurs images

I headed out to shoot some American Football, i was early for the game and the other game was running late. So I got the chance to shoot more than 1 game. This is my 3rd take and I now get a better sense on where to stand and snap the picture. Sure the focus is not always where it should be. I missed many passes and many other small things. Overall however I am hooked to this kind of Football it has everything I like

Gear wise I did shoot with the Sony A77, Sony G70-200mm F2.8, Gitzo mono pod. I did shoot about half in Speed priority mode with auto-iso (to bad it tends to stick at F4. The other half was shot manual mode F2.8 S1,000 and adjusted the ISO or speed at shots. In this case the EVF was clearly a benefit. I could see right away how the picture would be exposed. I adjusted the speed a little here and there to fix the exposure I wanted

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