Going to Rome to join worldwide photo-walk with Scott Kelby was just too good to pass up.I managed some time Friday afternoon to roam the city. Way too many tourists for my liking, good scouting for the next day and getting back into street photography.

La Bella Vita street photography on Friday and my 2 night shots

In the evening after dinner I did head out again for a short while to shoot the Coliseum with less people and some pictures along the river (this is where the rain started)

Saturday Day of the walk I headed to the meeting point almost 2 hours early. I was walking in Rain, Thunder and lightning and loving every moment for it (Thank you Hunter boots). When I got on the hill message from the walk (walk canceled but we meet for lunch) 4 hours to kill walking in the city.
At lunch 40+ photographers was an experience. The weather did clear up and it was decided to do the walk in the after-noon. I thought I spent all the time talking to people, somehow I managed to take 350 pictures (including the morning).
WWPW Bella Vita Pictures

Pictures of some of the walkers. Sorry for those of you I missed or got shots not worthy of sharing here (OK I will say it crap pictures). Thank you it was great to eat, walk and talk with many of you.

I did not completely forget that we where in Rome and that the architecture was worth photographing

My Theme over the 3 day’s was tourists and photo gymnastics a very fun thing to watch.

After the walk back to the hotel and going back in town to get a few souvenirs, somehow I was tempted into taking the camera with me (only the HX-100 the small bridge from Sony). It was worth taking the camera. This small camera keep on surprising me on how got the things are (if you know how to tame it, I+ mode is not all that bad either).

Sunday morning I was bone tired. No more pictures, that was until I opened the blinds and saw blue sky and sunshine. OK some more walking and photographing. It is not like I get to Rome every day.

The bella vita pictures from Sunday

The architecture pictures from Sunday

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