Just 2 day’s after the game Switzerland-Cyprus. There was a friendly game organized between the teams of Portugal and Croatia. I was very tired from the previous events, had a giant backlog of Pictures to sort, process and deliver. However it was impossible to pass up the chance to see Christiano Ronaldo play.  In what had turned into a habit it was raining again. The terrible weather was unfortunate since many people decided to stay home. It was still a great evening at the Stadium

My favorite of the fans

Of the game

The wider selection of the crowd

The wide selection of the game action

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Photographers in action (enjoying the refreshing drizzle), on the other side of the field a photographer was injured by a firecracker not very funny.

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For the Game I had my 2 A99 with the trusted 70-400 and 70-200 except for the game start where I was in the media stand taking the wide angle shots with : my Sigma 15mm the Minolta 17-35 and the Zeiss 24-70 too bad that may of the seats where empty. Bot cameras spent some time in the rain. When I got the lenscoat for the 2nd half it stopped raining and we actually had some sunshine. It was the first game I saw another Sony photographer around the field


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