Another night along the Ice taking action Pictures.  This was game number 8 that I have been taking pictures of. The challenge now is to get better pictures and some variation of what I take pictures of.

How do I work: I have a custom made harness to carry my 2 A99 cameras with grip. 24-70 on one body and 70-200 on the 2nd. I also take along a speed-light that I mount on the breaks with the 24-70. There is also the 15mm which I carry along to take a few shots here and there. I also carry: Cleaning cloth, spare batteries for the flash and camera, pen, business card, flashlight, picture ID, credentials, money and cellphone.

My usual mix includes: Crowd pictures, the Mascots, special events if any, cheerleaders and finally some action. There is no way to get bored. The other photographers who shoot for news-wires or the press they get the breaks to review theirs pictures maybe even process them. I check the LCD maybe 40x for the whole night. This makes it interesting by having to deal with different types of photography.

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