Victory at last …  after 7 straight loses a Victory was finally there.

It was a very intense game with  action and a little fighting (nothing serious). Booth Goalies had a great night with many saves. Their presence that gave every team confidence to play, take risks and move forward. The crowd was there behind the team pushing them forward and trembling the last 5 minutes with only a 1 Goal lead.

The selection of the day

From a photography point of view noting new or interesting. Can’t wait to get the firmware update to have better AF tracking on my 70-200. Talking about this lens I almost dropped the lens with body. I was on the ice shooting the cheerleaders and as I walk of the Ice I was about to attach the gear to my harness again. I was interrupted for a chat. After that I “drooped” the camera, for some reason however my fingers did not release the camera. This was a close call. Paramedic had almost a heart attack at hand.

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