GSHC – Davos a Gaolie shootout

Another hockey game. The first that did go into overtime and shoot-out . The goalies on booth sides had an outstanding game with many saves.The last 10 minutes the score was even and each team tried to steal that victory but the Goalies had decided otherwise. Overtime did not change that and even the shoot out ended with the first 10 duels all lost by the players (5 on each side) Finally 1 scored for Davos, 1 for Geneva, then Davos missed and Geneva scored again. What a relief after this long game

From a photographer perspective I was not too happy about my pictures, I tried to change some of my settings to get brighter images and somehow this made it harder for me to  get good pictures. I also stumble over one step and almost fell face first with all my gear. I eventually was able to stumble into the laps of one of the spectators. I need to be more careful 2 close calls for gear breaking mistakes in 2 weeks

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