GS Servette – Bern 2-1 (Playoff 3-1)

What a night. I did miss the game on Tuesday. I saw the crazy game on Thursday. The arena was filled with people. The whole crowd was behind the team.

They did play an amazing game, pretty much in control most of the time. Bern got very little room to play. When the opponent it waiting at your blue line or goal line it is hard to move forward. Geneva was very disciplined and patient. Never any panic, great control and a real eagerness to win this game. For the last 8 minutes Bern had very little control of the puck and when they had it they had the red players breathing down their neck and giving them no room to play.

The whole Geneva team did breath confidence. When your goal keeper stands strong 2m(6ft) in front of his goal it inspired every player to fight for every inch of ice or puck.

For the last 3 minutes the all the spectators where standing and cheering with their team. These boys really deserve to go far. From what I saw last light the other team will have a hard time to take any victory from them.

This picture sums it ut for Bern

More form the Game

Focus on the the Bern players looking for a solution


On the photo side I use my usual gear, except my harness which as been sent to the manufacturer so they can send me a quote on how much it will cost. I really missed it and can’t wait to get it back


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