Photography is a fun hobby and I get the chance to meet a lot of people. One more common trait about photographers are that they are control freaks.
They will obsess about things like “what goes into to the frame(composition), the lighting (really does it have to be a 4:30 am sunrise), what gear they use, a whole list of magic things like aperture, shutter speed, ISO …

I agree that many of these things are important but there is only so much one can plan. In the end it is to get the shot what ever happens. Some of the most extreme photographers who have to deal with real people are wedding photographers (shooting with models in a studio does not count you are there to create a specific vision).

Some of these people will put down everything in a contract down to the timing, … at some point the are turning into dictators they forget that it is a special day for 2 people and their families and friends. People don’t want a drill Sargent ruining the day.
Should things not be planned then ? NO I never said that, it is actually very important to talk to the bride and groom understand what is important for them. What they want from the pictures, try to plan enough time and contingencies to get the key pictures. But also make sure you have them covered if things get of track. A plan is only good if it is still relevant. If things are running 1 hour late chances are I won’t get my 30 minutes of time for the intimates. Just forget the plan and get it done.

Yesterday I was shooting a soccer game and it was typical day where one could panic and run for the hills or go wit the flow and get it done.

I did arrive over 2 hours early to the game. The only reason was that I was missing some specif pictures from the venue. Well the setup was still on going I had to come back and did busy my self with a few other shots. Off course as soon as I wanted to take the pictures my batteries dies(they had been recharged, thankfully I always have a spare set, not looking forward to run down to the press room for spares.

I did walk around the stadium to get a few pictures from the crowd, sponsors, … It was a relaxed day until I got back to the press room to get my marching orders for the day. From here it could have gone really south.
“Well you are on your own to cover the whole game” (usually we are 3 photographers).

Me “OK so what are the key pictures you want from today, I won’t be able to go everywhere”
Client “We need the pictures we did send you on the e-mail for the sponsor package, make sure you cover the key action of the game, goals, fouls important moments, if possible if you can get a few crowd shots as well. Forget the VIP section, if there is anything important up there we will give you a call”
Me “Ok I got that, should I also take pictures of the kids who escort the players ?”
Client “Oh yes we absolutely need these too, If you could stay after the game for the 2 TV shows, the later one is important we only have few pictures of it. … And there is a pipes and drum band we need some pictures of them just before the start of the game and when they play around the stadium which starts now”
Me “I am on my way, call or text me if you need anything special”

And there I was on my own covering for 3 photographers walking all over the venue from one place to the other and working down on my list of shots. Drums and pipes are rather loud, great that I always carry era plugs with me.(Thanks Scott for this suggestion)
10 Minutes before the end of the game it was rather tens when suddenly I got the error message “card full”, OH F*#@***, .. I grabbed my 24-70 just in case until the next break in the action. My fault I had forgotten to format my card. I did take out 1 cards put it in my pocket and formatted the 2nd card in the camera and switched to single card mode.

Did I get all the shots not really, did I get enough to make the cut yes. Was it a relaxing evening no way but not stressful either. I did however run the app runtastic on my cell phone. It does track GPS movement. Which means id did miss all the brisk walking inside the stadium.
The Stats : Duration 2h15, Distance 2.8km Elevation gained 438m(1437ft) that is only going up to the top of the Empire State building and going down as well, carrying 10+kg of gear and snapping a few pictures.
At least I know why I am tired.

Gear: 2xSony A99, 24-70f2.8 Zeiss, 70-200f2.8, Sigma 15mm f2.8, Speedligh, Minolta 35-200, Minolta TC1.4x


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